Friday, 6 May 2011

Tutorials are your friend

Since then what can I say but tutorials, tutorials, tutorials that’s pretty much all I have done, mainly concentrating and improving on the living quarters. The engine room has to taken a back seat as it would have taken more time to bring to the same standard. Please bear in mind this whole project from start to now has been a huge learning curve which has included.

·         Materials – creating on basic level.
·         Kismet – Triggers for animation, doors and lights.  
·         Matinee – Animation.
·         Sound – Creating custom sound cues.
·         Static meshes - creating, converting and importing in both UDK and 3DS Max.
·         An understanding of how to create a fractured mesh.
·         Lighting – On a basic level.
·         Geometry tool – creating and editing existing brushes.
The following are screen shots of the living quarters as it looks today a few things could do with a tweak but it’s pretty much done. I’ll be uploading a video soon that will show the interactive elements I have added to the level.

1 comment:

  1. Devolution looks great man, it's nice to see how much you learnt in such a short time =) Keep at it and I'm looking forward to seeing more finished pieces =) Good luck with your UDK enviros =)